Each of our suites here at Eleni’s Village Suites has been custom designed by the owners themselves to reflect both taste as well as heritage. Having lived in both Greece and the United States for long periods of time, it is safe to say that our home is an eclectic mix of both worlds.

Traditional Mykonian architecture can be seen in the very typical building design and structure which give each suite high ceilings and open floor plans while the especially detailed decor touches on classic American Country style. Floral and plaid prints fill the open spaces breathing life into antiques, knick-knacks and teddy bears- all strategically placed to create an element of wonder and to charm our guests.

No two suites are alike here at Eleni’s Village Suites just like no two homes are alike. The one constant that can be counted on is that comfort and hospitality come standard with each and every suite and are offered with great pride and joy to our very special guests; you.

Roman Holiday

Enjoy the comfort that Eleni’s Village Suites is known for in our most illuminated suite! This mini suite may be one of our most compact, but it certainly feels anything but with its open layout and surrounding windows!

2 Guest Occupancy. (*Maximum of 4 Guests)

Country Living

Find inner peace and quiet in our country style mini suite. Comfy and cozy, you will never want your holiday with us here at Eleni’s Village Suites to come to an end!

2 Guest Occupancy. (*Maximum of 4 Guests)

Green Gables

Wake up and smell the roses in this, our most serene suite! The floral motif only adds to our already peaceful atmosphere making for a simply ideal stay with us here at Eleni’s Village Suites!

3 Guest Occupancy. (*Maximum of 4 Guests)

Teddy Bear Picnic

Bring out your inner child in our playful teddybear suite! In this, our largest mini suite of all, Eleni’s Village Suites offers comfort and design to make your holiday with us one to remember!

2 Guest Occupancy. (*Maximum of 4 Guests)

Sweet Escape

This mini-mini suite, our smallest of the bunch, feels anything but that! With all the comfort and amenities that Eleni’s Village Suites so proudly offers, it is safe to say that size, indeed, does not matter!

2 Guest Occupancy

American Dream

Take a journey into our heritage and explore American living in this, our most spacious, deluxe suite! Wide open spaces, homey furnishings and decorations, not to mention a private balcony, make this ideal for families and close-knit groups of friends. This “American Dream” becomes a reality when you stay with us here at Eleni’s Village Suites!

4 Guest Occupancy. (*Maximum of 6 Guests)

Joie de Vivre

Enjoy life in our most spacious suite! With not one, but TWO balconies to relax on and an open layout fit for a king, your stay here at Eleni’s Village Suites will surely be an unforgettable one!

3 Guest Occupancy. (*Maximum of 4 Guests)

Home Sweet Home

Welcome home! Lay back and relax in this roomy suite boasting just that; HOME! Add to that one of the best views on Eleni’s Village Suites grounds and you will second guess leaving our home to go back to yours!

3 Guest Occupancy. (*Maximum of 4 Guests)

La Familia

Venture into the other side of our family’s heritage in this sizable deluxe suite! Classic Mykonian architecture combined with typical Eleni’s Village Suites comfort and amenities make this suite one of the most unique on the grounds!

4 Guest Occupancy. (*Maximum of 6 Guests)

An additional daily rate is applied for each guest exceeding the standard Eleni’s Village Suites occupancy.